Real Money Making Money By Playing Poker Online casino fun88?

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Posted on 2020-12-23


One of my favorite celebrities is Amarillo Slim. He is a sneaky character, and is widely recognized as the most successful gambler of all time in mobile casino. Once he staked a man he could outrun a horse - and then he did! (Nobody said it should be a straight line. By manipulating the wagering terms in casinos, he arranged to race on a winding track, with no space for jumping horses.) Slim won a number of worthy bets. amazing, because he always has an edge.

Creating edges is what poker casino is all about. Money in mobile casino has to come from somewhere, and in poker, it comes from making your opponents go wrong. You do this by observing them, remembering how they react to situations, and then exploiting their tendencies.

It's a tough jump as you go up against better players in the casino. There's an interesting part of Game Theory that deals with this concept. Simply put, if you are better than your opponent, you should use your skills to win - but if your opponent is better, you should randomize some of your decisions to compensate for the advantage. his.

For example, let's say you have a rock in a hand and you bet your opponent $ 1 against his $ 1.25 and he can't guess which hand it is in. He has a 50% chance of guessing correctly, so it looks like you're 'the winner - on average, every 2 guesses he'll lose $ 1.25 and only make $ 1 in return. For you, that's a profit of about 12 cents per guess. But let's say you're dealing with a super genius that can spot patterns in your mind and rate you after playing with you for a while. Let's simply assume that this genius starts to guess correctly 70% of the time - enough to make him a winner in the long run.

But what if you flip a coin to decide which hand the rock will go to? Suddenly, even a genius cannot guess you - because you have randomized your decision and made it a proposition 50-50 again.

In poker, this means that if you go up against better players, you cannot count on your skills to win. fun88 Sometimes you have to do things your opponents wouldn't expect, and sometimes that means adding a small "factor of randomness" somewhere in your gameplay.

Poker is incredibly complex - and Game Theory is even more complex. However, learning both of these has made me the easiest money in mobile casino to earn in my life. Don't let the game pass you - it could just be your gravy train!

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